Download oracle thin driver

Oracle is a giant when it comes to database developing software packages. Oracle has leveraged the world with unlimited numbers of software packages. These software packages are being used by numbers of enterprises across the world for developing databases that are dynamic, safe and reliable. A database needs to be safe, reliable and faster and only oracle software packages have been able to do so in recent past. Oracle brings to us loads of software packages for developing databases with great ease and grace.

Oracle thin driver is a software package from the house of oracle that allows the database writers to write a database that will work efficiently with all web browsers. The web browsers these days are used to host dynamic websites and dynamic websites are written in programming languages like, Java, PHP and Drupal. These languages do not get well with databases and hence they are bound to create hindrances and obstruct the working of databases.

Oracle thin driver solves these problems and create an environment where it becomes easy for the clients and users to access the driver from different web browsers. Dynamic websites are here to make it easier for users to interact with the software but the difficulty of the programing and the issues related to synchronization from database to user interface.

Oracle thin driver has allowed database developers to develop a database that gets integrated well with the user interface and solves the related issues. These drivers are meant to develop an environment that is safe, secure and makes the flow of data smooth and reliable.

All these software packages from the house of oracle can be availed for free from the official site of oracle at All these software packages can be downloaded with documented license, these licenses allows you, me and everyone else to use these software packages for free and for free distribution.

Oracle follows a different policy, when it comes to the commercial use of these software packages. Oracle charges a hefty amount for use of the software packages for commercial purpose. You can buy the full version of these software packages from the official site.

The full version of these software packages also comes with a documented license and it allows you to sell the software package on your site or on your blog.

All the software packages developed by Oracle need a specified system requirement for running with full efficiency. You will need to check the compatibility of your system with the software package. The official site of oracle has a tool that checks the compatibility for you. The tool is efficient enough to calculate all the stuffs and draw a clear picture of compatibility between your system and software.

Oracle software packages have a definite requirement of specifications, some of them can be illustrated as: -

  • Free space on Disk: - It is important for everyone to keep a minimum of 11GB free space on their disk so that the software can develop a database with ease and grace.