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People across the world are using databases for sorting and storing their personal as well as entrepreneurial data. People from different course of life have loads of data to store. Accountants need to store their balance sheets; students need to make changes in their database every week and enterprises with bigger deals to handle needs to store million lines of data. Million lines of data require a stronger database to be stored, but data that are of personal importance can be stored at database that is much stronger. Personal data can be stored in databases developed in simple languages. Oracle SQL is one such language that is sued to develop and maintain databases with basic queries and these databases are very easily developed.

Oracle SQL is one language that can be learned easily with some dedications. One can learn this language in school and in colleges. You can depend on this language for developing a database for your personal use. A database for personal use needs not to be written in languages like oracle 10 g or oracle 11 gR2. One can depend on languages like SQL and My SQL for developing low scale databases for personal use.

Oracle SQL is basic software from the house of oracle but it has some requirements like all other oracle software packages and they also need a 2 GB of RAM for running with great efficiency on the system. The oracle SQL needs to have

Oracle SQL is one of the most prominent languages for writing databases for smaller scale and for personal use, people from different faces of life are using databases for storing their personal information and information related to their work or accounts. Some of other versions of Oracle SQL can be listed as: -

  • My SQL
  • SQL/PL
  • SQL Plus
  • SQL*Plus
  • All these software packaged were developed in different epochs of time but they all have been used for people across the world with same enthusiasm for developing small scale databases. SQL and My SQL are very similar but with time the requirement of people have increased and all these software were developed to the needs of people from different spheres of the life.

    Students across the world are using these SQL software packages for learning the better usages of databases in different field. They are using this software package for learning how to develop better databases using different platforms and environments.

    You can use this software package for free after downloading it from the official site of the oracle. leverages you with all the information with the best of software packages and information related to updates about different types of software packages being developed and released by Oracle Corporation. You can learn about more and more software packages and different types of databases for making efficient use to develop software packages that will change the course of database development and will also change how people will use database for maintaining personal accounts and records.