Download oracle DB

Over all these times we have witnessed a wide growth in the use of internet. People from different backgrounds and with different businesses to do have acquired internet like an epidemic. All these companies and institutions have established their databases for making it easier for people across the world to make better decisions while buying services and acquiring products.

Databases play an important role for the administration of a company as well for the customer of the company. Clients accesses databases for acquiring information about the product and services every now and then while the administrative people use it for making decisions rather for quick decisions. The database has made it easier for everyone. An employer can keep a centralized record of all the employees working for the different departments.

Oracle has leveraged the world with loads of software packages; all these packages are competent and are being used by giants in the world. The thing with oracle is that they develop software packages that work with a variety of programming languages like: -

  • PHP
  • ASP.Net
  • Drupal
  • HTML
  • Java
  • Oracle DB can also be developed for windows phone. All the databases developed using software packages from oracle are very fast, reliable and highly performance oriented. Some of the most famous and widely used database development environment from oracle can be listed as: -

  • Oracle 11g Express
  • Oracle PL
  • Oracle SQL
  • Oracle My SQL
  • Oracle SQL Plus
  • Oracle SQL*Plus
  • All these software packages are a rage among developers. Most of them are stuck with the first version of SQL and are yet to test other advanced versions. All the software packages from the house of oracle are known to potent and are known to be of high quality and tolerance. They can handle a heavy load of traffic and reply to a set of query at the same time. These software packages provide the developer with an environment that is very fast and has a pre-defined set of library that makes the development process a lot easier. One can depend on these software packages for developing a dynamic database in very less time.

    All these software packages are available for free download on the official site of oracle. is one place all enthusiastic database writer and developers should be in touch with for better software packages and for the review of all such packages. All these packages are known to have some system specifications. They do not run with equal efficiency on all platforms. They run with great ease on operating systems like Windows XP/7/2K, Linux/Red-hat/Ubuntu and Mac OS X. the availability of all these software packages for Mac OS X is a moral boost for some developers. All these software packages require at least of 2 GB physical memory to show a world class performance and 11 GB of free space on disk for storing the database. Most of these software packages are brought in use for creating databases from 1 GB to 11 GB in size.