Download oracle database 10g

Oracle software packages are now an invincible entity. People and enterprises across the world are dependent on the software packages from the house of oracle. All the software packages that oracle has to offer can be downloaded from the official site of oracle Today people are always looking for databases that are dynamic as well as fast and reliable. The software packages from oracle have made it easier for people to achieve their desired results and they are more than happy to have all these development environments.

Oracle database 10 g is an exceptional environment for developing databases and integrating databases developed on different platforms. Many people across the world have felt the need to join or integrate two or more databases but all of them have failed miserably. Oracle database 10 g is one option for all those people. You can use oracle 10g for integrating databases developed on different platforms. You can also use this software package for developing new kind of dynamic databases. Dynamic databases are the requirement of contemporary world. Dynamic databases can be accessed from different web servers and from different user interfaces written in different programming languages. People are now migrating on these dynamic websites for a better experience.

Oracle 10 g is available on the original site of oracle. Today we can download this entire software package from different sites but downloading it from the official site oracle is always a good idea. You can depend on the official site for managing these software packages well.

Different versions of oracle 10 g can be illustrated as: -

  • Oracle 10 g Release 2.
  • Oracle 11 g Release.
  • Oracle 11 g.
  • Oracle 11 g Release 2.
  • All these versions of same software package from oracle where released with equal interval of gap between them. All these software package does the same work but with varied efficiency and these efficiencies matter to some people and hence oracle has introduced them. Some people prefer the integrator of oracle 10 g as better while some people love to go with oracle 11 g Release 2 which was released much later than oracle 10 g and oracle 11 g.

    All these packages from oracle are specification bound and are easily available over the internet for free download but you need to check whether your system will support these software packages or not, you will need to check the compatibly. The compatibility tool on the site is good and efficient enough to conduct this test for your system and leverage you the result. The basic system requirements include specific operating systems like: -

  • Mac OS X.
  • Linux/Fedora/Ubuntu.
  • Windows 2 K/XP/7.
  • The other requirement can be noted as physical memory of 2 GB which is a basic requirement. It is necessary to have enough RAM for the software to work without any holds or direct memory access requirements. Another heavy requirement is 11 GB of free space on disk for allocating the database on the hard disk easily.