Download oracle 10g for Linux

The world has witnessed uproar in the rise of entrepreneurs across the world. The rise of entrepreneurs has led to rise in number of enterprises that are changing the lives of the people across the world. These entrepreneurs have unique ideas and those ideas are contributing to the development of the world. All these entrepreneurs are backed by the support of invincible set of software packages and technology. The software packages from oracle like oracle 10 g for Linux have contributed a lot in the development of all such enterprise and world changing ideas.

Oracle 10 g for Linux software package is developed to provide enterprises with an environment to develop a database based on Linux. Enterprise across the world needs to have databases that are competitive and responsive. The bigger the enterprise grows the bigger the database needs to be. A bigger enterprise will have to maintain a bigger database for working efficiently. A bigger and sorted database helps in taking good decisions.

Oracle 10 g Linux is for all enterprise that needs to develop a database based on Linux environment. Linux is a very safe environment and this environment happens to be just the best environment for developing databases that are fast and equally safe. Linux is exceptionally fast and has all the pre-defined applications that will lead to proper functioning of the databases based on Oracle 20 g Linux.

The main forte of this software package is to leverage the bigger enterprise with the best environment for developing databases that are reliable and extremely safe. Developing safe and fast databases is an issue for enterprise but with the advent of oracle 10 g it just becomes easier for the enterprises to develop a database that is both fast and secure. Security is an important issue and one needs to handle with extra intricacy. These software packages can be directly availed from the link It is always good to download the free software from the official site of the oracle. The world is full of malware and when you download these software packages then the chances of downloading malware along with it increases drastically.

These software packages are available but they need to have some system requirements. You can always visit and check the compatibility of your system with the software package. You can also check the system compatibility manually, all these software packages from the house of oracle.

Some of the most prominent requirements of all these software packages can be listed as: -

Physical memory: - It is very important for systems to have high physical memories for the software packages to run with great ease and efficiency. All the software from the house of oracle works on a minimum of 2 GB of RAM.

Free space on disk is another important thing for the software to run with efficiency. There should be a minimum of 11 GB free for creating database on the system.