Oracles 11g Free Download for Windows

Oracle is dedicated to providing complete business enterprise and superior performance solutions for companies which use Windows Server System service and Windows Based systems.

Oracle 11g for Windows offers an optimize data solution for uses that need business reliability, scalability, as well as high quality performance. This article describes the design of the database from Oracle on Windows and the difference of this database to Linux and UNIX.

Through utilizing a thread-based, native Windows service form, Oracle 11g makes sure scalability and high performance. This database firmly incorporates with the state of the art features on the Window OS and the fundamental tool like the NUMA and Large Page support. Oracle offers business class presentation through assistance for massive memory, raw and large files as well as grid computing.

The Oracle 11g is certified for thirty two bit and sixty four bit Windows OS. The oracle 32 bit is assisted on thirty two bit Windows with a typical x86 tool, which include windows vista. While on Oracle 64 bit, it works in the x64 windows and Itanium OS. 64 bit gives greater performance and scalability compared to 32 bit oracle system.

Oracles 11g Free Download for Windows Step by Step Procedure

Utilizing the Universal Installer, you can download and set oracle 11g and make a database.

For this process, you required to have the DVDs. From the list where the files were not zipped, click Windows Explorer and click twice the setup button from the directory.

Keep in mind that you want download and install the Oracle 11g. Also, ensure that the Oracle 11g is chosen and strike the Next button.

You will do a fundamental setup with a first course database. Then enter the ORCL and Oracle for the password and click next key.

Oracle Configuration Manager lets user to integrate the information regarding configuration with the Metalink file. The select to allow it after clicking, press the “Next” button.

Examine the summary page to determine and verify the process and then click install. After clicking you will see the progress window, and the Configuration Assistance also comes up. At this point in time the database is being made. Once the database has been made, unlock the user you want to utilize and click OK button. Click exit and yes for exit confirmation.

How to Test the Installation

To test if the process of installation is accurate, you have to follow these steps:

Open the browser and type the URL https://<hostname>:1158/em. Due to the fact that Enterprise Database Control is a safe website, you require a certificate. You have to accept the Certificate Permanently option, then press OK button. Enter oracle as your password and as user name type the word system and click login. Once the Database Control Home Page comes out, this only shows that the process of installation was well done.

To more about oracle 11g for windows and their latest update, you can browse the net and type in the keyword Oracle 11g for windows.