Oracle download

Oracle Database is an object –relation database management system produced and marketed by Oracle corporation.Inorder to download the oracle software you have to visit the website named ‘”. After reaching this site click on the download tab. There you will find a new window; here you can click on data enterprise /standard edition11g. Then just save the data base files on your disk .after saving those files unzip it with suitable soft wares of your choice. The final step is just same as any other software; you have to run the set up file.

Be very sure about the hardware requirements before the download. There should be a minimum 256 MB RAM and a 550MHzoperating system. Browser used to download must be checked if it is suitable or not. There are few web browsers used such as Netscape navigator7.2 and later, Microsoft internet Explorer 7, 8 and windows, chrome, Mozilla Firefox and safari.

If you do not need the above mentioned details, you may find a lot of methods. But there few sites the possibility of download is sure some of the sites are Oracle technology Network, Oracle delivery and My Oracle support. You can use three methods to download it

  • Use the download URL
  • Export cookies
  • Basic authentication

    First method works with OTN, e- delivery and MOS. This method is the easiest method among the three because it didn’t require copying of cookies and all lot of other stuffs. With this the URL you can download the file from the remote server using one of the following commands “wget download url”-0 file name Or “URL download URL’’ -0 file name


    The second method requires exporting the cookies from your browser to a file and copying that file to the remote server, so that we can use it for the download .please make sure that your browser should have a tool to export the cookies from the web browser to a text file


    The third method is the basic authentication method MY Oracle Support {MOS} accepts this method when downloading these files. If you have a MOS account there is no problem. You can download the files simple.

    Although Oracle is pro-platform software but availability of specified system makes the software runs with ease and grace.

  • Memory: - Memory is Random Access Memory. It provides the software the requisite space to execute its code and programs under a given time. For running Oracle 11 with great ease on your system, you will need to have a minimum memory of 2 GB i.e equivalent to 2048 MBs.
  • Space on Disk: - Software uses Memory for execution while the Space on Disk is used by the software for the storage of the whole software which includes of programs, codes, documentation and other supporting file. The minimum empty space on disk required to run oracle 11 is cited as 9 GB. You need to have a minimum of 9 GB empty space on your site to run Oracle 11 with full potential.
  • Graphic Card: - Though oracle doesn’t care about the Graphic card of your system but a standard availability of 2 GB is always appreciated.