Oracle BI Administration Tool Download

Oracle BI administration tool is an application for windows which you can utilize to make and check over repositories. Getting access to this tool is relatively easy.

Oracle BI Administration tool or business intelligence too is utilize to control Oracle BI server, available barely for Windows OS, a windows app which allows the business intelligence server administrator to make and check over repositories, revise repositories in offline and online mode, have a session administrator and a cache administration on online scheme.

BI Admin Tool Key Window

Business admin tool key window demonstrates a graphical illustration of the physical layer, presentation layer and business form and mapping layer.

The main window of administration tool also takes account of the following:


Toolbar: offer entry to universal functionality like save and open, and also takes account function roles for the business model and physical diagram.

Status Bar: offers contextual detail in relation to the present dialog or chosen object, and other valuable information.

Title Bar: shows the name of the release repository in offline scheme. In an online scheme, shows the DSN for Oracle Business Intelligence Server to that you are linked.

About BI Admin Tool Menus

Administration tool takes account of menus for file, view, edit, tools, manage, window, actions and help.

File Menu: this offers choices to function with repositories such as save and open, and many server related choices like the Check Out All which are just active once a repository is release in an online scheme. This file menu also offers a record of currently opened files.

Edit Menu: this menu offers entrée to the basic editing tasks for repository object such as delete, duplicate, past and copy and cut. User can also select properties in order to see and check over properties for a chosen object.

View Menu: This option allow user display or hide the windows which display the 3 layers of the physical, business mapping and model and presentation. This can also show the physical and business model diagram.

Actions Menu: action menu choices are accessible once functioning with the Business model or physical diagram. Action menu allow user to choose elements, make new joins, mane new tables as well as do other figure operations. Each toolbar choice for the figures has an equivalent Action Menu.

Window Menu: this allow user to tile or cascade open layer panes and tie among them.

How to Begin BI Administration Tool in a 10G: you can activate it using these two options: utilizing the window menu, click start, then click programs and Oracle BI will appear and then click administration, or by means of switching on the executable data admintool.exe.

How to Start off Administration Tool in a 11G: you can activate BI admin in 11g either of this approach, first on your windows menu, click start, click all programs, click OBI and then click the administration or by means of launching the business intelligence admin instrument from the command line utilizing bi-init.cmd. Oracle BI administration tool download is the only way if you want to open and edit repository.