All software downloads from the oracle website are free. The only thing you need to do is to take an Oracle Technology Network account with a username and a password. The free software downloads are limited to specific use only without compromising its features. Oracle Corporation has started its dominance in the software industry for more than a decade. The perfect database software they produced has soon conquered the database field and has become an integral part of multinational companies to even the individual PCs. There are huge varieties of database software in the Oracle website. It starts from the database 8i to the latest versions.

To download the oracle software of any version, go to . When you enter the website, you must register there with a username and password. After completing the Oracle Technology Network registration process, go to the download section and search for the appropriate database version. Scroll down to accept the OTN license agreement. Once you accepted the OTN license agreement, click on the version name and save it to your hard disk with enough space. Please make sure that you use a download manager to download the files, otherwise the download will be so slow and chances of getting corrupted files. The file is archived so keep good software to unzip the files. Unzip the files to a separate folder. This will make the installation process easy. Search for the set up file, locate and install it, following the installation manual, which can be downloaded along with the archived file. If there is any error discovered while installing it please check the size of the software with the host software in the site. There is full time customer centre for oracle users: you can clarify your doubts with the oracle site.

Be very sure about the hardware requirements before the download. There should be a minimum 256 MB RAM and a 550MHzoperating system. Browser used to download must be checked if it is suitable or not. There are few web browsers used such as Netscape navigator7.2 and later, Microsoft internet Explorer 7, 8 and windows, chrome, Mozilla Firefox and safari. Most of the software in the Oracle website differs in their minimum requirements. So always make sure that your PC has the basic requirements needed for its smooth working.

Indeed most of the software downloads are free from OTN website, they also provide a platform for their users to buy the Oracle software with full-use license. If you are doing business, then a full-use license is a must for company. According to their mandatory statement there will be of no charge while developing and prototyping the user applications, or for strictly self- educational purpose. So please keep in mind that free software are only meant for educational purposes, developers working on PHP, JAVA, .NET and XML. Independent software and hardware vendors also make great use of this awesome software. If you are any one of them go for it otherwise it's better to buy latest software.