As per the oracle official site, all oracle downloads are completely free and most of them comes with a Developer license. This will enable the users to use full versions of the products at no charge. But Oracle also put some restrictions to free downloading software. They add that the software will be free of charge while developing and prototyping user application or strictly for educational purposes. If you want full access to oracle software you may have to buy products with full- use license agreement from the online stores or from the sales representatives. If you already have a commercial license you are legal to download the software from the Oracle software delivery cloud.

In order to download the Oracle database, go to . Once you accept the license agreement, it will grant you unlimited evaluation tome, free learning and fully free download facility. Like I earlier discussed, Oracle provides many free software from their website, Oracle 10g Express Edition is one of the famous free software you can download free. But please remember that it will not give you full access on it. Oracle 10g EX is a database product used mainly by students, developers, Independent software vendors. If you are one of them then go for free Oracle software, they will give more than you want.

For downloading any Oracle software especially for free, the initial step is to take an Oracle account in the website You have to complete the necessary details in the sign up. Once you complete it, find the appropriate Oracle database product and version in the website. Otherwise you can directly go to this link When you reached this link, click on the download tab. immediately, a new screen will appear before you. Here you can click on the software you want to download. These downloading files will be archived ones, so make sure that you have software to unzip it. Choose an appropriate hard drive with enough space even to hold the unzipped files. Download will be completed in a short time. When the Oracle database software has completed download, you have to unzip them in a separate folder. Look for the install guide, which will be anywhere in the extracted file list. Open it and make use of it, when you start the installation process. Later find the set up file and run it to start the oracle software install.

Before the download, make sure that your system is capable to support the smooth working of oracle software. Otherwise there will be no use of the download; it will only spoil some space of your hard disk.

By downloading Oracle software it allows the users to create and manage databases. In these days it is a must for companies that need to store, organize and always have their information accessible. Oracle also guaranties with maximum security to users. Free Oracle software is limited to many policies as stated in the OTN license agreement. If you can’t blend with the OTN agreement, then go for buying it.