The prerequisite to download the oracle database expression edition 11g, you have to register to oracle website mentioned here. To create your own Oracle Technology Network (OTN) account, go to or directly go to When you open the window you will see the oracle Database 11g release. Just click it, immediately next screen will appear before you. Click to register for genuine Oracle account following the given procedures given in the website. After completing the registration process you can download the required version according to your platform by accepting to the website’s license agreement.

Completing all these initial steps, you have to go to this link, when you reached this link click on the download tab. A new screen will appear; here you can see the Database Enterprise/ standard edition 11g, click it. Unzip those files after saving them in your disk. Here onwards the process is simple like any other software. Click the setup files to start installing Oracle on your system. Before downloading this software make sure you have the required things needed to support it. Otherwise it is useless to download such great software.

  • Memory requirements
  •  There should be at least 1GB of RAM .If the size of the RAM is less than one then you must install more memory before continuing. Second, you must be aware of the relation between installed RAM and the configured swap space requirement. 
          RAM                                      swap space
     Between 1GB and 2GB                   1.5 times the size of RAM
    Between 2GB and 16GB                     Equal to the size of RAM
    More than 16GB                                     16GB
  • Browser requirements
  • The web browser you are using must support java script, html4.0 and css1.0 standards. The following browsers meet the mentioned requirements. Microsoft internet explorer6.0 or later versions Firefox 1.0 or later versions Netscape navigator 7.2 Netscape navigator 8.1 Mozilla version 1.7 If you satisfy the oracle product requirements then you must check the downloading procedure for a 32bit and 64 bit windows. For 32-bit windows, you must first go to . Download Extract the zip file in your disk, open the ‘client’ directory and launch the ‘Oracle Client Installer’ by clicking setup.exe file. This completes the download procedure for a 32- bit windows. Follow the installing procedure.

    For a64-bit windows the procedures are very similar to 32bit with small difference .Initially you must go to Follow the steps as in 32-bit.

    Before downloading, keep in mind that you need a license agreement. As per the descriptions on their websites, all software downloads are free, and most comes with a developer license that allows users to use full versions of the product at no charge. The only thing that you have to accept is the OTN license agreement.

    Download oracle so that it allows you to create and manage data bases. Though the largest databases on the market, it is a must tool for companies that need to store, organize and always have their information accessible. So immediately download oracle and start enjoying the best software for managing relational databases.