Free download oracle 11g

Oracle 11 g software package is for every enterprise that has been looking for a database that has some different packages integrated quite well in them. Enterprises are always looking for environment where they can integrate their databases from different platform and make a database that is dynamic and that is too fast to handle. It is important for enterprises to have a database that has the ability to handle a huge number of requests one its own without getting hassled and succumbed.

Oracle 11 g leverages all these enterprises with an environment where they can develop a database of their dream, a database that caters to all their needs, a database that is safe, a database that is secure and a database which can be relied on. Oracle is the only enterprise in the world that provides with such environments for creating dynamic database. A database developed in the environment oracle 11 g works with exquisitely with all kinds of dynamic sites written in varied programming languages like ASP.Net, Drupal, PHP and Java. These programming languages are known to have a huge number of plug-ins involved in their development that makes writing of database a difficult task. The software package oracle 11 g solves all these problems. You can develop a database that works eloquently with all the platforms and works with same efficiency.

Oracle 11 g does not works on all kind of operating systems and computers. One needs to have a specific system with specific software base to make these software packages run with great ease and efficiency: -

  • Operating systems: - Windows 2K/XP/Vista/7/XP. Linux/Red Hat/Ubuntu/Fedora and Mac OS X.
  • Free on Space on Disk: - When it comes to developing databases, one need to keep some space on their systems for making giant databases. A minimum of 11 GB is all you need to keep free on your systems because that is the limit of oracle 11g.
  • Oracle 11g is one of the most widely downloaded from the house of oracle. This is the reason that almost hundreds of sites across the internet are providing these software packages for free download. Like all other software packages oracle provides this software package for free download as well. Oracle is hosting all these software packages on their official site for free and people from different corners of the world can download it for free. Students and researchers are special for oracle and oracle provides them with free access to all their software packages.

    Oracle 11 g can be used by students on their personal computers and by researchers in lab for free. They can get their free documented license from the site just by signing the OTN thing. The oracle sells the full version of oracle 11 g to people looking forward to use this software package for commercial uses like deploying in offices and in bigger enterprises.

    These software packages are used to develop dynamic database under extreme conditions. Some experts from the world consider oracle software packages as the fanatics of performance and they are used for developing extremely performance oriented databases.