Free download oracle 10g

Oracle was the first database designed for grid computing in the most effective and cost effective way of managing enterprise helped in cost cutting of management while providing the highest possible quality of service. When it was released, Oracle Corporation seemed to have started to make efforts to standardizing all current version of its major product using the 10g label. Major products include:

Oracle Database 10

Oracle Application Server 10g – a middleware product

Oracle Application Release 11i – a suite of business application

Oracle Developer Suite 10g (9.0.4)

Oracle JDeveloper 10g – a java integrated development environment

Below include some of the feature that user get to utilize when the download and install Oracle 10G

Application Development

Business Intelligence



Grid Management

Grid Computing

Managing Servers


Managing Workspace

Oracle 10g Technical Setup Details

Setup File Name: Oracle_10g_XE.exe

Software Full Name: Oracle 10g Database Express Edition

Full Setup: 158 MB

Compatibility Architecture:32 Bit (*86)/ 64 Bit (*64)

Latest Version Release Added On: 15th Mar 2014

License: Freeware

Developers: Oracle

System Requirement For Oracle 10g

Before installing Oracle 10g it is important to ensure that a PC meets minimum system requirement.

Operating System Windows 2k , Xp, 7,8

Hard Disk Space: 300MB

Memory (RAM): 512MB

Processor: 1.5 GHz

When installing Oracle 10g client release, the following is the procedure

Running setup from download

Running setup from IUware

Client installation process

Configuring Oracle Net

Adding new database services

Connecting to Oracle with SQL*Plus

Configuring and locating an ODBC data source

Oracle client configuration information for the IU Data Warehouse

Oracle is currently targets high-end workstation and minicomputer as the server platform on which it runs its database system. Along with Sun Microsystem, Oracle has been a champion of network computer. It can now boast that it is the world’ first software company to develop and deploy over 100% Internet-enabled enterprise software across its entire product line, server ,enterprise business application, decision support tools. Ellison, the CEO has in the past been noted to have said that if the Internet turns out not to be the future of computing, were toast. However if it is, we’re golden.

Oracle database management is responsible for managing its computer data storage with the help of information stored in the SYSTEM table space. SYTEM table space usually contains indexes, data dictionary and clusters. A data dictionary has a special collection of tables, which contain information about all user-object in that database.

Oracle Real Application Clusters option uses multiple instance attached to a central storage array. The advantage of using Oracle’s RAC is that the resources on both nodes are used by the database with each of the nodes using its own memory and CPU. Information is usually shared between this nodes through interconnect – the virtual private network. Oracle DBMS has the ability to store and execute stored procedures and function within itself. Oracle Corporation’s proprietary procedural extension can invoke such code object and or provide the programming structure for writing them.