Download oracle xe 11g

Oracle Express 11g is an oracle licensed product. Oracle owns the right of its distribution across the world. The product comes with a full documented licensed paper. The software is available on like hundreds of sites across the Internet. People from different corners of the world are making its optimum use for developing and writing better databases. Oracle Express 11g happens to be one of the most favorite software of developers and database writers.

Database development and management is a tough task and hence so it is left on experts from the field. They have a sound knowledge of all the programming language and they an expertise in handling queries and extraction of data from the site. Managers of database are some smart people from the field and they are dependent on such software for smooth working of the databases. Managers are dependent on oracle for a lot. Oracle brings to them the best of software which helps them in maintaining and updating their databases with great ease and convenience.

These Oracle Express 11g packages constitutes numerous codes and programs that come together to improve the performance of the databases by providing them with the immaculate and requisite base to act on. They create a base for the smooth working of the databases on them. There are hundreds of packages being written by hundreds of developers across the world but every manager prefers a package from the house of oracle for their databases given they know that oracle has the best packages and these packages will push them forward.

These packages do not work on every system; they have some specified system requirements. The operating system they need should be of Windows 2K/ Vista/ XP/ Linux/ Mac OS X or Linux. All these operating systems are strongly built and they have the capability to handle loads of client requests at the same time and they can also work under the extreme pressure conditions. This software also require good amount of physical memory for running efficiently on the system. The minimum requirement of physical memory across the world is like 2 GB. 2 GB is good enough for any software to run with full efficiency without getting disturbed by other processes for the control over the physical memory.

Space on Disk is one thing that comes into play while installing the software on the system. Most of these packages from the house of oracle require a minimum of 9 GB for installation. These spaces are not totally brought in use at any instant but are kept as secondary memory to help in future with the concept of virtual memory.

Space on disk is also required to store all the applications and document files which come along with the package. These documents are important given they contain the license of full version downloaded from the official site of the oracle.

Oracle Express 11g can be downloaded directly from the link It is always good to download the software from the official site. You have the authority to download and distribute the software for free.