Download oracle sql plus

Oracle SQL plus software can be installed on a computer if you have installed Oracle 11g Database client software. This software will install a local host of database on the computer with separate logins panels of various users. Database users, space, usage can easily be managed using user management control panel. This package will also install PL/SQL developer for programming language structured query language.

Minimum configuration of installing Oracle database 11g on a computer

2.6 GHz Dual core processor

4 GB Available RAM

6 GB of Hard drive space

Installation Procedure of Oracle sql Plus

You will first download the Oracle Database 11g from Note you have to create an account with Oracle for your download to start

After downloading both the files, extract and combine them in one folder

You should later click setup.exe and install the software

You should not forget to give hostname followed by Administrator password

Later you should search in programs for sql plus and open it to start it

SQLS* Plus is like an Oracle SQL* Plus/sqlplus for Microsoft SQL Server 2008, 2005 and 2000. It is used by DBAs, developers and Operations to execute DBA tasks, run SQL script/s and to automate SQL database data processing and reporting batch jobs.

With is many advanced options and functionality, SQL*Plus is an optimal alternative to SQLServer sqlcmd, isql, osql and other SQL command line tool/s. SQL* Plus is free for individual use and for commercial use on a single server single SQL Server instance. Annual enterprise support and maintenance site license is required for use in a multi-server and multi-instance database environment.

SQL *Plus Instant client is a standalone product that has all the functionality of SQL *Plus command-line. It usually connects to existing remote Oracle database, but does not include its own database. It is very easy to install and uses significantly less disk space than the full Oracle Database Client installation required to use SQL *Plus command-line. SQL *Plus instant client is available on platforms that support the OCI Instant Client.

When installing SQL *Plus Instant Client package you will need two packages, this is the SQL *Plus Instant Client package and either the Basic OCI Instant Client or lightweight OCI Instant Client package. Also SQL *Plus Instant Client can be installed in two ways. One is by downloading the package from the Oracle Technology Network and the other is copying the same files that are in the package from Oracle Database 10g Client Administrator installation.

Basic Instant Client

SQL *Plus Instant Client uses the basic OCI package and works with any NLS_LANG setting supported by the Oracle Database. It supports all character sets and language setting available in the Oracle Database. For the lightweight Instant Client, OCI package will display error messages in English only and support only specific character sets. It is significantly smaller than SQL *Plus Instant Client using Basic OCI package