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Enterprises across the world are based on their collective set of data for making decisions and for sorting issues out. They need to maintain a database of everything so that it becomes easier for them to access sorted data. Sorted data is one beautiful thing; it allows people to have all the information of the world at just one click. One click and you can see who all are working for you, one click and you will come to know how much resources are left and how many products are already finished. A database tells you about the present scenario in a clear cut way.

It is important to maintain a database in the contemporary world; it saves us from committing mistakes and also saves us from going off the way. Apart of enterprises people at personal level are also developing a database to maintain records in a more generalized way. A database is of great use to people who all are into accountancy or are any of collectors. They can collect information from different corners of the world and store it into their personal computers in form of a database. making a database for personal and professional use is very easier. All you need to develop a dynamic database is a system and software packages from the house of oracle. Software packages are known to be the environment provider for developing all these databases. Databases developed in the environment provided by the oracle can be used to develop dynamic, fast and reliable websites.

Some of the most commonly used database development environment from oracle can be listed as: -

  • Oracle 10 g: - It provides an environment where databases developed on different environments can be integrated.
  • Oracle JDK: -An environment that allows you to develop a database based on Java for various entrepreneurial needs.
  • Oracle 11 g: - An environment for developing fast and reliable databases.
  • All these software packages from oracle are very famous across the world but the thing is they do not run on all environments, they need to have specific operating system and system specifications which can be listed as: -

  • A minimum version of operating system of Windows 2 K/7/Vista/XP.
  • Linux/Red Hat/Ubuntu/Fedora.
  • Mac OS X.
  • These entire software packages need to have access to 2 GB of RAM which is also known as physical memory for throttle full performance. It is important to provide a database developing environment with full access of RAM for hassle free running.

    Space on disk is also important; one needs to maintain a free space of around 11 GBs so that the database can be written on the hard disk. The free space is used by the software package for writing the database on the disk only.

    For downloading oracle free software packages visit The site provides with different kinds of database development environment. Read across the software packages and download the one which matches your requirement. It is important to read the overview before you download the package.