Download oracle enterprise Linux

Oracle enterprise Linux is now known as Oracle Linux, it is a Linux distribution builds on Red Hat concept. Oracle is responsible for the distribution of this package throughout the world for free. Oracle has been distributing this package for free on its official website Although out there are hundreds of sites providing this package but downloading it from saves you from the harmful malwares and Trojan viruses.

The oracle enterprise Linux comes with two different kinds of kernels, the two types of kernels can be listed as: -

  • Red hat Compatible Linux: - This package is based on Red Hat version of Linux is known to be the best enterprise Linux package.
  • Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel: - This package is a specialist for business oriented databases. They work with great efficiency to serve the customer with the best of experience. It is most compatible with RHEL.
  • Hardware Compatibility: -

    When it comes to these Linux based enterprise packages hardware plays an important role. Hardware needs to perform under extreme pressure and under the high number of clients trying to access the site at the same time. A strong hardware is capable of handling huge number of requests. A capable hardware like Hewlett Packard and Lenovo are known to be the best performing devices under extreme pressure.

    It extracts it virtualization support from KVM and XEN. These virtualization supports are very important from the request handling and space related point of view. These virtualization concepts enable the database to store more than its original capacity.

    Oracle Enterprise Linux packages are developed to provide the enterprises with the best of database support. These packages were specially developed for businesses to provide them with the service related to storage and extraction of data from the databases. These packages are developed to provide with extreme performance, high scalability and with reliability for storage of data.

    These packages have served the entrepreneurs across the world with the best of services that can make them feel less tensed about their data and about the basic information of the business.

    The Oracle Enterprise Linux can be downloaded directly from this link The virtual support for these packages is an important thing for the proper functioning of these oracle enterprise Linux packages. Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel is more dependent on virtualization for the best performance. These support systems are important for the proper functioning of the package. These packages have made it easier for the business owners across the world to collect and store their data in the database.

    System Specifications are yet other important features for these packages to work with full efficiency. These system specifications cannot be ignored if you are aiming for the best performance from these oracle enterprise Linux packages. These two packages are known to have similar system specification. The specification demands the system to be strong enough to bear the extreme pressure of request coming incessantly from the client side.

    These packages are available for free on Internet and can be downloaded from any corner of the world.