Download oracle driver

Oracle is one stop shop for all the software and applications related to database. Oracle brings to us the best of software, RDBMS and servers that helps us in making searches faster and efficient. We can make optimum use of all these software and servers to make databases faster and less complicated. Oracle has leveraged the word with various kinds of software and servers. Oracle Driver is just another marvel from the house of Oracle.

Oracle Driver is known to establish cozy relations between relational databases and the JavaScript. Not just JavaScript they are also used with various other programming languages like Drupal and ASP.Net. The world looks forward to these drivers from the house of Oracle. These drivers are here to make searches faster and efficient.

Oracle Drivers like ODBC which stands for Open Database Connectivity and JDBC which stands for JavaScript Database Connectivity are meant to solve the issues people face while searching for something. These drivers are known to develop an integrated relation between the databases and the User Interface from where a client will be trying to access an element stored in the database. The concept of relational base solves the speed related issues of the databases and these drivers solve the issues faced while trying to access the database through a site written in JavaScript or in any other programming language.

Drivers like ODBC and JDBC are good replacements for SQL and My SQL. These drivers are known to have greater speed and they are also known for the faster relation they develop between the scripts and databases.

JDBC driver from the house of Oracle can be downloaded by following the link Although all the software and driver is listed on but a direct link will take you directly there.

Oracle ODBC drivers can be downloaded from the link These drivers are not designed to run on all the systems. All these drivers from the house of oracle come with a system specification. These specifications are almost same for all the systems but it is important to know the specifications and check the compatibility of your system before downloading the software.

The system specifications for all these oracle drivers can be listed as: -

  • The system must have all the basic files of the driver to ensure proper and hassle free running.
  • Physical memory needs to be minimum of 2 GB to make the drivers with full potential on the system without facing hindrances because of lack of space for function.
  • Space on disk plays an important role. One needs to have at least an empty space of about 9 GB to make these drivers work with full potential.
  • The world is looking forward to Oracle. The world is very much grateful to the oracle for the great software, application and drivers they have developed and launched to make lives of human easier. They have simplified the searches through databases to make all operations related to databases easier and efficient.