Download oracle JDBC

The Sun Microsystems defines and implements the concept of JDBC. JDBC stands for Java Database Connectivity and it works for the relation between the JavaScript and Relational databases. Oracle JDBC is that software which develops a cozy relation between the JavaScript and the relational database. JDBC plays a vital role in the development of dynamic databases that acts at a click.

Dynamic databases are the requirement of the time. With the heavy increase in availability of dynamic websites and blogs all around the world it is turning impossible to work with databases that are static and hence JDBC is important for the contemporary world and for the contemporary developers of databases. The JDBC allows the developer to make his database dynamic. The connection between JavaScript and Relational database will lead to quick retrieval of data and it will also lead to instant changes in the database. The speed of the database will increase by leaps and bounds and the people across the world will be able to do more work in less time.

Oracle as the father of JDBC works hard to make its child better and efficient software. Some of the things oracle does to JDBC can be listed as: -

  • Oracle Call Interface
  • It is available on the side of client and it is used by the client to access the various applications of the JDBC. One needs to have a Oracle client installed to use this feature.
  • Thin Driver
  • JDBC are not so heavy software and they are written in very less number of codes and constitute even lesser number of functions.
  • Server-side thin driver
  • The JDBC makes use of similar driver on the client-side to maintain symmetry between the developer (read database) and the client. The code runs from a single oracle session and client is also forced to use the same session.

    Oracle JDBC is available on the official site of the oracle for free and a direct link to the download page of the same is The software follows the breached policy of oracle related to free download and registered use. The students and the researchers can bring the free software in use for their personal requirement but the use of JDBC for commercial purpose requires a full version and full versions are available with documents only after the payment of the requisite fees.

    JDBC has made it easier for the developers and for the clients of such databases. It allows them to work live on a database, you can retrieve data as well as update about the transactions and the sessions at the same time. JDBC is like a boon to the dynamic websites with the old static databases.

    JDBC has similar specification requirements and the software runs with good speed if all the system requirements are fulfilled with. Some of the most common requirements can be listed as: -

  • Must have all the documented files of the SQL or SQL Plus software so that the JDBC can develop a cozy relationship between the JavaScript and the relational database.