Download oracle 11g 64 bit

Oracle software packages can change the way databases have been written today. The contemporary world is full of potential of development of amazing database. The enterprises across the world are in need of databases that can help entrepreneurs across the world in making wise decisions. These databases are required to be dynamic and fast so that entrepreneurs can depend on them for taking proper and calculated decisions.

Other versions of oracle 11g can be listed as:

  • Oracle 10 g
  • Oracle 10 g release2
  • Oracle 11
  • Oracle 11g release
  • Oracle has developed these software packages with a notion to help enterprises across the world with tools so that they can develop dynamic databases that are fast and reliable. Reliability is an important aspect when it comes to developing databases because databases are required to store data that are of utmost importance to the companies.

    All these software from the house of oracle have a system specification to be considered before running all these software packages on your system. Software packages need to have operating systems above: -

  • Windows 7/Vista/2K/XP
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux/Fedora/Ubuntu
  • All these software packages have other requirements like: -

  • Physical memory of 2 GB is a pre-requisite for maintaining proper speed and performance of database. A 2 GB RAM allows the database to run with full throttle and to run with full speed and with full accuracy.
  • Free space on disk is the basic requirement for all these software packages. Software packages use this space for developing and storing all the incoming data on the system. These databases do not use external hard drives for storing data they use the space on disk for storing all the data that is meant to be stored in the databases.
  • The oracle 11g 64 runs only on operating systems that are 64 bit and can take up data up to 64 KB at single instant. These database development software packages do not work on systems below 64 kb. The software package will never run on operating systems with 32 kb processing capability.

    Oracle 11 g for computers of 64 bit are available on the official site of oracle for free downloads, you can download them for free from any corner of the world and you can download them any time. These software packages come with a documented license which leverages you with the following choices: -

  • You can use the software for free and distribute it among your friends and families across the world.
  • You will need to acquire the full version of the software after paying a hefty amount to the company. Full versions are meant to be used for commercial purposes like developing software for bigger enterprises and for selling this software on your site or blog.
  • These software packages from the house of oracle are changing the course of database development and it is important to use the original oracle software packages for developing databases that are dynamic and that are fast and reliable.