Download oracle 10g XE

Oracle is serving the world with numbers of software packages that allows them to develop dynamic databases with great reliable features. The reliable features of the database from oracle are the most prominent reason why people trust oracle so much. Oracle is working hard to write database development environment for personal and professional development.

Enterprises across the world are in dire need of databases that are less vulnerable, more secure and have features that could help them in managing and sorting their data with great ease and grace. Oracle10g XE is one software package from oracle that caters to the specific requirements of these enterprises. Using oracle software package allows them to develop database which are more secure and provides with hundred percent securities to data at the time of transaction from database and at the time of storage into database.

Oracle10g XE is the latest environment from oracle from the oracle 20 series. The other versions from this series can be listed as: -

Oracle 10.

Oracle 10 g

Oracle 11

Oracle 11g

Oracle 11 g Release 2

All these software packages are still working with equal efficiency but every new version had new nuances and people kept adopting all these versions for developing better databases. It is important to adapt to the latest versions to remain in the race. It is also important to have update software packages so that they can handle threats against latest issues and problems.

Oracle 10g XE is available on various sites across the net but experts have always suggested downloading all these software packages from the official site of It is always a good thing to download it from the original source; it saves you from getting exposed to harmful viruses and malwares. When you download it from the original source you are leveraged you with a documented license that allows you to: -

Use the software package for free on various platforms.

Distribute the software for free among friends, families and relatives.

Not to use it for commercial use. Software packages to be used for commercial purpose require special permission from Oracle Corporation. The original and the full version of the software package can be brought from the official site of oracle against the payment of a meager amount. You can pay it anytime from anywhere in the world and use the full version for commercial purposes likes developing a database for your enterprise or sell it on your blog and website.

Other than all these requirements you need to have a system with any of these operating systems: -

Windows 2K/XP/7/Vista

Linux/Red hat/ Fedora/ Ubuntu

Mac OS X

Apart of all these a physical memory of at least 2 GB is required for full throttle to the database developing environment for developing dynamic databases with no hindrances and error. After physical memory you will need to manage free space on your disk for accommodating the contents of the database you will be creating.