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Oracle has boosted the work at various enterprises by sorting their data and by making their databases fast and efficient. All these enterprises prefer oracle and its software packages over any other database writer or developer. The environment software packages from oracle provide is just incomparable and invincible. All these software packages are built with pre-defined libraries that make database development an easy task. Developers across the globe are dependent on oracle for the backend support. Some of the software packages from oracle are known to provide storage up to 11 GB, although this space is taken from the free space on disk but this efficiency and the speed these packages add are known to be more valuable.

Oracle is one of the most prominent software packages from the house of oracle. The software packages provide an environment to develop some of the most amazingly dynamic database. All these packages are used to enhance the speed, performance and reliability like features of the database. People are using it for the safe transaction of data it provides with and for the cozy relation it develops between the JavaScript and the relational databases. The previous version of this software package was equally efficient but this new version has some added pre-defined libraries that enhance the security feature of the databases. This software package focuses on creating a database that is more secure and has more safety while the data is being entered or accessed.

Enterprises across the world are dependent on such packages for developing dynamic databases with less response time and with very high reliability. These software packages can be availed easily from various online sites given they are available for free but downloading them from the official site of oracle will leverage you with a licensed document which will allow you to use the software for free and to distribute it as well.

Some of the people from different corners of the world try to use this software for the commercial purpose but Oracle Corporation has a strict policy for people trying to use it for commercial purpose. One needs to pay a hefty amount to acquire the license from the oracle for bringing it in use for commercial purposes. The world looks up to such software for developing database that will last long and will make company earn loads of profit from it.

All these software packages from oracle are bound by certain limitations; they do not run on every operating system with equal efficiency. These software packages need to have a specified set of hardware and software to perform out of box. Physical memory and space on disk are some of the most prominent requirements of these software packages. One needs to have enough space on disk so that the software package can develop a database on the system. It also needs to have special ram to run with great speed without causing problems like overheating.

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