Download Weblogic server

Oracle had simplified half the works of database writer by introducing software like My SQL and SQL Plus the advent of Weblogic servers have made it even easier for the developers. Weblogic servers are Java EE servers they are known to simplify the database writing work. Writing database has become an easier and less costly work after the development of weblogic server and its various applications.

Weblogic server are now developed and maintained by Oracle Corporation. It was acquired by Oracle Corporation in the financial year of 2008. Weblogic servers are designed to increase the speed of the databases. The various applications of weblogic servers are known to reduce the complexity of databases and make them faster than ever. The community of developers and database writer are more than happy ever, they are making the optimum use of this unique platform to develop efficient databases.

Some of the famous weblogic servers from the house of oracle can be listed as: -

  • WebLogic Servers 12c
  • WebLogic Servers 11g
  • WebLogic Servers 9.2
  • WebLogic Servers 9.1
  • WebLogic Servers 9.0
  • WebLogic Servers 8.1
  • WebLogic Servers 7.0
  • WebLogic Servers 10.3
  • WebLogic Servers 10.0
  • WebLogic Servers 4.0
  • All these WebLogic servers are available on the official site of Oracle Developers and students from the different corners of the world can download all these software for free. The direct link for downloading WebLogic Servers is All these software are available for free for students and researchers. The commercial use of this software will need to have a full version purchased against the payment of a specified sum to the Oracle Corporation.

    The maximum size of this software available on Internet will be 3.5 MB they can be easily downloaded over a slow network but a persistent and competent internet network is required for updating the software every now and then. The weblogic servers are available in zipped files and they are downloaded in the same format.

    Installing WebLogic Servers can be a hectic task, you will need to have some basic knowledge of the database writing and SQL to install this server and develop a relation between the system and the database. These weblogic servers are known to enhance the speed of the database. Their in-built apps and their inbuilt systems make it easier for the database writers.

    This software is available for download on all computers across the world but there's a set of specification attached to them: -

  • Documents and Files: - All the files of SQL or My SQL need to be available on the site for a better processing. At times it gets impossible to install WebLogic Servers on systems without installing MySQL.
  • Memory and Space Disk on: - Memory and Space on Disk are as important as files and applications of software. These both are responsible for the proper running of the software on the system. They provide the software with the requisite resources for proper functioning.
  • Weblogic are now a necessary, database writers across the world are making its use to develop fast and reliable databases.