Download Oracle VM Virtualbox

ViritualBox is powerful cross-platform virtualization software for x86- based systems. As I mentioned, it is cross platform software, meaning, it installs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris x86 computers. In Virtualization Software, you can create and run multiple Virtual Machines and can run different operating systems, on the same computer on the same time. This helps one to run to run Windows and Linux on your Mac, Run Linux and Solaris on your pc. Oracle VM VirtualBox is available as Open Source for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris. There are many versions of Oracle VM VirtualBox. Oracle provides two versions of VirtualBox. First of all, it provides an open source edition with missing RDP and USB support, and a commercial version that is free for evaluation or any personal use that includes the earlier features.

Before downloading it, you must be aware of the requirements it needed for smooth performance. Oracle VirtualBox VM needs at least 2 GB of RAM. It also needs 15 GB of free space and 2GHz processor. Browsers used are Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or higher, Internet Explorer 7 or higher, Safari 3.0 and higher or Google chrome 1.0 or higher. Adobe Acrobat reader is also an essential requirement for VirtualBox VM.

In order to download free software from the oracle website, you must require an Oracle Technology Network (OTN) account. After taking an account, accept the OTN license agreement to continue the downloading process. After completing this simple task, click on the appropriate version of the Oracle VirtualBox. Save the unzip files to a hard disk where there is enough space for the unzipped files also. The Oracle website highly recommends the users to use a download manager in order to complete it with maximum perfection and minimum lag. After the download process is complete. Import your VM file to launch Appliance Import Wizard. Click to browse to the directory you re-assembled all the files in and select the OTN_Developer_Day_VM.ova then click next> to begin importing the virtual machine. The site will make you to agree to the appropriate licenses while importing. Once the import has completed, double click the OTN Developer Days VM. Click OK to close the Virtual information dialogs. When you get to the Enterprise Linux 6 screen you can now login. Now you have installed an Oracle VirtualBox VM without any fault. If the user uses some advanced features as USB 2.0 devices, VirtualBox RDP and PXE boot

For Intel cards inside virtual machine, then the user must update VirtualBox extension pack to latest versions. The latest Oracle VM VirtualBox extension pack 4.3.12 works on windows or Windows 8. If you open a saved or new virtual machine without updating extension pack but with older versions, then you will be getting an error message informing about USB2.0 and extension pack. Otherwise Oracle VirtualBox VM will not start. If you want to install or update the latest virtualbox extension pack then you must disable USB2.0 controller.