Download Oracle Data Provider for .Net

Once can virtually tell the development of an item through looking at the amount of iterations it undertakes. A grave product offering normally obtains consistent product developments and enhancements all through its lifespan. Oracle database provider for .Net is one reliable product, which have had a consistent amount of releases since its beginning.

Oracle database provider for .Net is an information provider to link OB from the code.Net. This is an effective data provider against OLEDB that is also could be utilized to link to OB. ODP.Net is a compilation of a file provider for the OB. It utilizes native APIs in order to give reliable and fast entrée to Oracle features and data from all .net application.

For programmers utilizing ODP for ADO, OLE Db gives a layer of automation which shows a simple programming model. ActiveX Data Objects gives a related programming model, on the other hand without or lack of automation layer, for high quality performance. More significantly, the ActiceX Data Objects, model permits native providers like Oracle Database Provider for .Net to show specific types of data and features of oracle.

Oracle Database Provider.NET Performance Development

Performance associated features take account of connection pooling, statement catching, as well as supervision above fetch size features. Oracle Data Provider .Net or ODP.Net for short has confirmed the most efficient and effective solution for linking OB with .Net applications.

The data provider has many embedded essential features that allow the apps to reduce source consumption and as a result work well and have improved scalability. Prior to download oracle data provider for .net you have to know its features and the functions of each feature as well.

Connection Pooling

In many cases, it becomes more efficient for an app to have pre-created links which can be carried out when required than to make such links on needed, for the course of making a physical attachment to the data is relatively costly being assessed from the standpoint of sources and time consumption. This method is very efficient during challenging and busiest period. Connection pooling of allow apps to make and keep an easy to use group of connections.

Controlling Fetch Size

One operation which affects greatly the performance is the data retrieval from the level of database to the client. Lessening of the amount of round trip information date fetches are incredibly significant, particularly once the client is consuming huge numbers of data. The default size of Oracle Data Provider .Net which is read from an outcome set is equivalent to 64 KB. This is kept in the fetch size feature of the ODR object, however it can be switched. Oracle Data Provider for .net offer another control ability which allows the maker to set the amount of rows which are obtained from the outcome set for every round trip. Two essential properties which are used to manage these are row size and fetch size.

Statement Caching

This feature prove that the use of attach variables in apps is very efficient. They let the SQL to be used again by the OB in the session. It is likely to obtain a great performance enhance for attach variables through utilizing the statement cathing feature.