Download Oracle 8i Setup

Oracle Database (commonly referred to as RDBMS or simply as Oracle) is an object-relational database management system.

A Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) which runs on more than 80 platforms was introduced in the late 1970s. Oracle was the first database product to run on variety of platforms from micro to mainframe. Oracle database is Oracle's flagship program and Oracle 8i was launched in the year 1999.

Oracle added 'i' to its version name to reflect support to internet with its built in Java Virtual Machine (JVM). With JVM (Java Interpreter) built into DBMS, triggered and stored procedures can be written and executed in Java, rather than Oracle's PL/SQL programming language. It enables Internet Developers to write applications and database procedures in the same language. In addition, the JVM can also execute Enterprise JavaBeans (JVBs), turning the DBMS into an application server.

Oracle 8i (8.1.7) released in 2000, consists of static HTTP server, Enterprise Manager Enhancements; including new HTML based reporting and Advanced Replication functionality and New Database Character Set Migration utility. It has enhanced features like JVM Accelerator to improve performance of Java code, Java Server Pages (JSP) engine, MemStat- a new utility for analyzing Java utility footprints, OIS (Oracle Integration Server) PLSQL Gateway for deploying PL/SQL base solutions on the Web.

All Oracle software downloads are free and most come with Developer License that allow you to use the full versions of the software at no charge while developing and prototyping your applications, or for strictly self-educating purposes. Generally, the technical support organization does not provide technical support or updates for the programs licensed under this agreement.

Though these are licensed software packages but if you are a student or some professional in any corner of the world trying to find something out from your research then you can use these software packages for free. You will need to download the licensed version of the software package from the site. The documented package comes with a license, the license allows you to either use the software or distribute it for free. The oracle has a strict policy when it comes to commercialization. If you are looking to sell the free licensed copy of oracle software packages either on your site or on your blog then you will need to pay oracle for the software.

All these systems are known to have a specific requirement. Oracle 8i setup is bit bizarre and goes with the loads of hustle, one needs to have intricate understanding of the oracle packages and system administration for installing this software package without facing any hindrances. One needs to have full control over the physical memory while installing these applications and it may require access to administration rights on the computer. At least 9 GB of space should be left empty on the disk for installing the software without missing onto any of its applications or document files. Document files are important because one needs to have all the files for efficient performance.