ODBC drivers are very fast which allows the ODBC enabled applications to Oracle database. Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) helps Visual Basic, Excel, Access, Q+E etc to access a wide range of database and data source. It is actually a standardized API developed in accordance to the specification of the SQL access group. This will allow the users to connect to the SQL databases. ODBC drivers explain a set of function calls, data types and error codes that can be utilized to develop database independent applications. For the proper working of ODBC you must need a work station with TCP/IP connectivity. You must also need an Oracle ODBC driver and Oracle's SQL*NET or Instant Client software.

Oracle's ODBC drivers can be downloaded free of charge from There are also many alternate drivers available via other vendors since the ODBC driver is standard. The alternative vendors who provide ODBC drivers that can run from Windows and Unix. They are Easysoft limited, InterBase software, Openlink software, DataDirect and Simba engine.

In order to download the Oracle 11g release 2 client ODBC drivers, you must go to the oracle website at the download pages. When you enter, there is a requirement to accept the Oracle Technology Network license agreement. Accept the license agreement before clicking to download. To download ODBC driver for a 32-bit Windows go to . Download the Then extract the zip file and launch the Oracle client installer. But to download the 64 bit version you must download the respective file and follow the same methods of 32-bit, mentioned earlier.

You will also be able to access your Oracle database from Unix systems from using isql. Isql is an interactive tool which is installed with unixODBC. ODBC drivers can only be installed on a system which the user must have root access. Before you begin you must collect some information from your Oracle Database Administrator. You must take the host name or IP address of the Oracle Database server, the service name that identifies the database you want to connect to and the Oracle listener port. Here we are going to download the Oracle ODBC driver from the Easysoft vendor. Easysoft provide two variants of the Oracle ODBC driver. They are an OCI driver and a Wire protocol (WP) driver. The OCI driver uses the Oracle client software to access Oracle but WP server doesn't use it. So the next step is to download the Oracle client software. Since the OCI server is compatible with both the instant client and standard Oracle client. Oracle instant client is always better than the standard. So go for it. Go to the Oracle website and register to get an Oracle Technology Network (OTN) account. Then go to the download section and search for the Oracle Database client software of the suitable version and download it to your hard disk. Later unzip it and install the files. After that visit the Easysoft website and register there. In the download page choose the platform you wish to download. Click it and follow the browser instruction to save the file to a temporary directory on the target machine. Then login to your Unix system and change it to the directory where you have saved the file. Later run it to install the files.