Oracle XE or otherwise called eXpress Edition is a free to use and distribute database edition from Oracle Corporation. Oracle XE is available for both Windows and Linux and can be downloaded from the Oracle TechNet at free of charge. In addition with almost all features of Oracle database, it also provides APEX and PHP. APEX is a tool which can be used to develop web based applications. As free software, it too got some limitations. Oracle XE is limited to use only one CPU on a system. It also needs around 1GB of RAM and takes about 4 GB of hard disk space. The disk space varies with different versions. Oracle XE lacks few other features such as portioned objects, internal java virtual machine (JVM) and materialized view query rewrite. Please note that oracle support is only through on- line forums and not through official Oracle Support channel. Oracle XE also makes it so easy to upgrade to other editions of Oracle without charge and complex migration methods.

To download the oracle express edition, you have to go to the main Oracle website: Or you can directly go to this page, When you open this page you can search for the oracle XE, you wish to download. In order to download you must have an Oracle Technology Network (OTN) account. If you already have one, continue to next step. Otherwise you may have to take one OTN account by the sign up process mentioned in the website. Once you have taken an account, go to the page where the software is shown, with its version details and total size. Above in the page there is an OTN Accept License Agreement icon. Click it to accept it, later click the preferred software and save to one of your hard drive with enough space. Keep in mind that the files are archived, so there should be space for the unzipped files in the hard drive. And always check the software’s minimum requirements before downloading it. When the download is complete, unzip the files in a separate folder. Search for the install guide.html in the unzipped files. Locate it, and with help of it start to install the software by running the set up file. This completes the downloading process, now you are an Oracle user with OTN license agreement. You can enjoy all the privileges as per the agreement.

Oracle provides a great platform for the user queries. Oracle states that if the user found any security problem with Oracle Database XE, then send a description of the problem to them. Immediate response will be taken. Oracle customers also have access to support through My Oracle Support centre.

Oracle Database XE fundamentally changes the way data centers look and operate. It involved a focus and quality that any other database vendor can match. Oracle Database is a perfect pick for educational institutions and students who need a free database for their curriculum. It is a revolutionary software as it is fast to download and easy to administer.