Oracle database is simply referred as Oracle. It is the most popular data base software in the world. There are many software with different versions. It has evolved from the “Lite”version. Now it has many new versions such as Express, standard and Enterprise editions with different pricing structures. Many software are free and genuinely productive for many database purposes.

Many people are not aware that oracle has free oracle database as well as oracle database 10g Express Edition. It is fully functional and free to use. It is completely legal free version of Oracle database. However, it has also got some demerits. We can neglect it because it is awesome to get such good database software for free usage. Oracle database stores up to 4GB of data and also uses up to 1GB of memory. Multiple CPU facility is not available even though the host has more than one CPU. This software is mainly meant for small business purpose, independent software vendors and hardware vendors. Developers working on PHP, Java, .NET, XML and open source applications also make use of it. In the educational field free database software has already made a revolution.

So to download oracle database, you have to go to the oracle website After entering the site you have to register in the oracle website. This is a must step otherwise you cannot download the software. When you create your Oracle technology Network (OTN) account a screen will open up showing the different versions of oracle databases. Accept the website license agreement to download free oracle database software.

Downloading procedures will start as soon as you click the preferred version. You can either click download option or otherwise go for download and install option. The choice is yours. As soon as the download is finished, the installation dialog box will appear. You can unzip those files in your hard disk. When the unzip process is completed search the set up file, find it and run it. Oracle installation will proceed automatically.

The next step is to create a database with the create database statement. If you use the create database statement, you must complete the additional actions before having an operational database. These actions create views on the data dictionary tables and installing standard PL/SQL packages. Make sure that you have set the environment variables.

The Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA) an Oracle supplied tool that helps the user to create an Oracle database, compose database options for an existing oracle database and deleting the Oracle database. DBC can run in three modes such as interactive, progress only and silent.DBC can be used to create single instance databases or can be used to add instances in an Oracle Real Application Clusters environment.

In order to create a database you must be authenticated and granted with appropriate system privileges. You achieve these privileges simply with a password file and operating system authentication. To perform many of the administrative duties for a database, the user must be able to execute operating system commands. So the user needs an operating system account or ID to gain full access to the operating system.