All the software you download from the oracle sites is free, and most of the software comes with a developer license. This allows the users to access full version of the products at no charge while developing and prototyping your application, or for strictly educational purposes. Oracle database instant client allows users to run the application without installing the standard Oracle client or having an ORACLE-HOME.OCI,OCCI,pro*C,ODBC,and JDBCapplication work without modification. It also uses less disk space.Even SQL* Plus can be used with Instant Client. Oracle Database 11 g Release 2 clients for Microsoft windows can be downloaded from the oracle website.

To download the installation archive files from OTN you can use any modern browsers such as chrome Firefox and internet explorer 6 or above. First you should go to the oracle main website / .Navigate to the download page for the product you want to download .Then you must open the download page , go through it and spot the software and version your system prefer most . You should be very careful about your requirements of the software you wish to download, otherwise it won’t work. File sizes are listed next to the filenames. So keep in mind the disk space you have got. Go to your hard disk and find a file system with enough free space to store and expand archive files. Beware that in most cases, the available disk space must be at least twice the size of all of the archive files .keep a parent directory for each product to hold the installation directories .Click on the software you prefer and the download will start automatically. Download all of the installation archive files to the directory that you have already created. Finally verify that the files you downloaded are the same size as the corresponding files on OTN.

The next step is to extract all the files using good quality software. When you have completed extracting all the archive files, install the software using the set up file in the extracted file list. If your system does not have a CD-ROM orDVD-ROM drive, you can just copy the software from the disk to the file system on another system. Then you have to either mount that file system using NFS or copy the files using FTP to the system where you want to install the software.

Oracle’s instant client consists of different components: basic, JDBC,SQLplus andSDK. You must install basic or basic lite and all others are optional, and can be installed if you need it. When you are using a 32 bit Linux, must be more vigilant about the basic pace requirements. Basic requires around 97 MB whereas basic-lite requires only 32MB. But JDB, SQLPlusand SDK require 1.6MB, 2.5MB and 2MB respectively. It is one of the little best software available for free in the Oracle website. Please also note that instant client is provided under a separate OTN development distribution license that allows most licenses to download, redistribute, and deploy in production environment, without charge.