Oracle 9i is a DBMS in which the users can create objects build relations in entities and manages and normalizes data securely. This software has now become an essential part in every company since it manages the company’s data more securely and organized. Oracle 9i has enabled the users to create table, generate keys, make great relations between entities and do functions and many more high features. This is user friendly software from oracle, so no need to worry on how you use it.

Oracle 9i has got extravagant feature to compete with any other software in its range. You can experience its great features after when you download it. It has got a strong capability of storing, managing and controlling data with an enhanced recovery management. It is highly secure since it has got an encrypted password and one time one –one user method through web based database. It has also got a public key infrastructure. Rest of the attractive features in Oracle 9i, can be experienced yourself after you download it.

Before any downloads we have to make sure that the particular software supports in our system. Oracle 9i also has some minimum requirements needed, otherwise it will be useless. First of all we can discuss about its basic hardware requirements. Oracle 9i needs a minimum of 256 MB of RAM and a 128 MB is required to install Oracle9i client. Swap space should be at least 400 MB. It also requires 2.5 GB of disc space for software database, and an additional 1 GB for extra speed database. The operating system used (Microsoft windows): WindowsNT with service pack 5 or higher; windows 2000 with service pack1 or higher, windows XP professional.

To download oracle 9i, you must go to the oracle website: Just click the accept license agreement. You have to take an Oracle Technology Network (OTN) account in order to download it. Once you have made an OTN access license agreement scroll down to oracle9i. In this screen, you can find Oracle 9i with different version. You can pick any from the list depending upon the requirements. If you already created an account there won’t be any problem or else you may have to create one to continue download. Download will immediately start as soon as you clicked the oracle named icon on the website. Please download it into a hard drive where there is enough space not only for the archive files but also for the unzip files. You must unzip those files into a separate folder. This will make the installing much easy. After that, search for install.htm for guidance. Later, search for the set up files, find it and execute run. Complete the installation as per the guidance. As per the official oracle website, they states that this software does not expire, but it is limited for academic uses only. Also note that as per Oracle’s license agreement, the Oracle package is only for single computer use only. The license agreement is only between the Oracle and the user.