In the present Oracle is the largest database company in the world. It is also the second largest software company in the world. Oracle 8i was Oracle Corporation's early Database software release. It has resulted in a revolution in the field of database and also managed to increase the Oracle popularity across the globe. Followed by Oracle 8i database software many new software came into play. Numerous new features were incorporated to the new database software leaving the Oracle 8i software out of the Database field. Hence oracle 8i has become outdated and new versions of Oracle came after it without compromising the past features. If you have the minimum requirements for oracle 9i, then it may be a good choice than 8i. All its facilities can be got from its successor, Oracle 9i. You can download 9i and will be getting support from the oracle website indeed Oracle website no longer provide any platform for Oracle 8i. As per the official oracle website, they states that this software does not expire, but it is limited for academic uses only. Also note that as per Oracle's license agreement, the Oracle package is only for single computer use only. The license agreement is only between the Oracle and the user.

Oracle 8i has got extravagant features to compete with any other software in its range. You can experience its great features after when you download it. It has got a strong capability of storing, managing and controlling data with an enhanced recovery management. It is highly secure since it has got an encrypted password and one time one -one user method through web based database. It has also got a public key infrastructure. Rest of the attractive features in Oracle 8i, can be experienced yourself after you download it.

Oracle database 8i allows the users to integrate all their data to the Oracle database. Since Java has become a standard language of the internet, oracle produce java platform to develop and deploy internet applications. Oracle 8i's java gives Oracle JServer option, which is a java virtual Machine. And there is also an Oracle Accelerator option for JServer which speeds up the execution of Java code. Oracle 8i also offers the user with data warehousing and VLDB environment features.

To download Oracle 8i, go to the Oracle main website and then go to the downloading section. Otherwise you can directly go to the page by searching the address in any common web browsers. Once you reached their look for the perfect version that your PC supports. Be very careful while choosing the software, if the minimum requirements are not satisfied then the software will not work. You must register in the Oracle site before downloading it. After registering with a username and a password scroll down to accept the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) license agreement. After completing all the above mentioned tasks click to download the software. Save the file in a separate folder. Later unzip the file and run the set up file in order to install Oracle 8i Database software in your desktop.