Most of the software downloads in the Oracle websites are free and comes with a Developer license that allows the users to access full versions of the products at no charge. Since the usage is free, oracle has put some restrictions also. Oracle states that the users can enjoy full version of the products at no charge while developing and prototyping applications, or for strictly self-educational purposes.

Oracle Database 10g was the first database designed for grid computing and most efficient way to manage enterprise information. It provides the users highest possible quality of service. It is a revolutionary product in the computer world. Oracle database 10g has dramatic cost saving methods. It has significantly reduced server costs, storage costs, administration costs and third party product costs. It has not only saves your money but also enables DBAs to deliver much higher quality of service for their end users. So it will be a perfect choice to download, following the methods described below.

Based on the oracle Database XE is an entry level, small foot print database that is free to develop, deploys and distribute. It is fast to download and simple to administer. It is available for Linux x86 and Microsoft windows operating system.

First you have to go to the oracle website, . Here you can see 'Oracle Database 10g Express Edition for 'Microsoft Windows'. Check for the radio button for the item Accept License Agreement to accept the OTN License Agreement. There are various versions of Oracle Database 10 g available, such as

Oracle Database 10g Express Edition (Western European)-single -byte LATIN1 database for Western European language storage. With the database homepage user interface in English only.

Oracle Database 10g Express Edition (Universal)-Multi-byte Unicode database for all language deployment.

Oracle Database 10g Express Client.

Oracle Data base XE is a great starter database for developers working for PHP, java, NET, and Open Source application. It will be a perfect choice for educational institutions and students who need a free database for their curriculum

Most of the users choose the first version and it is good too. So click on the first file OracleXE.exe to begin your download. A new screen will appear where you have to sign in before any download job. After filling the sign up details click the submit button to create your own oracle account. The file download dialog will appear, you can both select only download or download and install database. Make sure which option used and continue to next step. When the download is finished the installation dialog is displayed Oracle Database 10g fundamentally changes the way data centers look and operate. It involved a focus and quantity that any other database vendor can match. It provides extensive facilities for moving data.

If you need full access to the Oracle Database 10g, then go for buying it. If you need a free version then follow the above mentioned. It is revolutionary software and a good pick for the users.